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Oct 19, 2012 7:30pm PDT
to life, but doug pickard used it as a lens to view people in communities who often go unnoticed with compelling and sometimes controversial foet graphic audiences. >> i'm moving the curse or and composing these scenes. >> ironically, rickard said it was the cursor that produced a rick ety feel. some of the lines sort of skew out because of the fixed angle lens and they're stitching the actual dynamics of the camera within google emphasized the way i wanted to speak in these images. >> images that have made their way into the permanent collection of the san diego museum of modern art. >> i was really blown away by the work when i saw it right away. >> she is a curator of photography. >> he's not the only one that used google street view, but i think he comes at it from this very sophisticated and very educated point of view. it resonates much more deeply than some of the other work that i've seen. >> you have this distinct feeling, more of a claustrophobia or a feeling of decay, and it is really happening. >> rickard's work is new, otoole said, but grounded in the past. their ima
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Oct 20, 2012 2:00am EDT
ohio. melissa: doug. gerri: doug i was surpris to see what was going on in ohio. "fox news oll". ahead i cannot see that far. this is the state that romney has to take. >> certainly. ere is a clear tightening after the debates. implore data are you seeing the senate race tighten as ll? with you srt to see that withhe top of the ticket then you have real momentum. up until now it is a very tight political race without clear evidence one wayr another. gerr the president makes his sixth appearance calling the death of americans not optimal. >> if more americans get killed in is not optimal. >> he did not include the question he saidit is no exacactly optimal bufor him to use that word a response? [laughter] i am not a foreign policy expert but the politics is the president has taken bertrand alsoowed to a quiet romney to task to politicizing e issue from practically before happened to get it wrong. gerri: many people wou like to debate you on that topic. fox sa they have 60 documents from the stae department. with the three page cable from chris day bends -- stevens sayi he is worrd abou
Oct 19, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and are they gone for good? so let's get to our mt. who is tracking everything you need to see. doug, what's the word? >> at one point tornado warnings issued north and east of baltimore city. but everything is disapating. we will be in fine shape not only for tonight but for many days in a row. over in clarksville and burton'sville, very heavy rainfall amounts. things are quieting down. when you get up in the morning there will be a whole different weather pattern. 43 to 53, a chilly start. the seven-day outlook that's coming up too in just a minute. >> we'll get back to you in a bit. but first -- >> a student was severely beaten following a maryland victory over duke. but tonight one of the officers is acquitted while the other is convicted on just one charge. richard reeve is outside the prince george's county courthouse. tell us about it >> and alison, long and difficult deliberations for a while. it didn't appear there would be a verdict at all. but one officer found guilty, the other not guilty. >> a relieved and happy john mckena left the prin
Oct 20, 2012 1:00pm PDT
that i'm not even a photograph. >> of course it's photography. i think what doug is doing is looking through google as sort of his .lens. the internet is helping redefine what it means to be a photographer. >> see this? andthen you come righta into here. and there's damage. >> in fact, rickard says, in an ocean of digital imagery, creating something special is becoming more and more difficult, no matter how easy the tools are. >> i think it really boilsindow to what youwn bring to it, you know, that's between your yoes, you know, ultimately. art is about ideas. it's about how you're wiredw ho you're driven, obsessions and what you have to say. and i think that we're in an era of editors in a way. >> what started as an idea in rickard's head in his home studio has spreadton a ongoing international conversation. hisis collection, called "a new american piure"hashamoved ew ewond vee bay areand to theo yo rk museum of modern art, the george pompadou center in paris, and as far away as korea and japan. >> things have changed rapidly. photography is being affected. >> rickard is happy to
Oct 20, 2012 1:00am PDT
. >> that's a state i will never go back to. for doug. >> once i got over the problem of not knowing how i couldn't go back to not curbing my tires. it took a while to get past forgetting to register street cleaning hours and love, love was my handicap. though i had no permits to hang from my rear view so i collected 7 or 10 slips i had every intension to pay off except i skipped town for the summer. and returned to find the guy staying in my apartment toss them. i'll admit i was relieved not to face these expensive reminders of the girl i have been how stupid i was about life in the city. and as i finished school, was moving south for good this time. and as i lived then in a state of great anticipation. the potential of a record never acrossed my mind. but now, on account of those parking tickets i can't go back there with a car. though everyone who loves me know i love that tiny window each october in the south nub of the state you can't reach without driving. i missed it once and waited a whole year regretting the lost chance to track the lyndon leaves tiny migration. the next fall, ref
Oct 19, 2012 11:00pm EDT
with assaulting a police officer and reckless driving. >> this system, aparentally, is still hanging around. doug cameron, what can we expect? >> it's a very slow-moving system. that did bring some big time thunderstorms across our area. not everybody who saw them, but those who did were right along the i-95 corridor. the district over towards southern maryland. we are going to continue to watch as those systems move on out of here. behind it, there's no rain right now. but the storm, as you mentioned, it's not that way just yet. i'll show you what it's going to bring if for your saturday. >> mitt romney was in florida tonight. the gop ticket held a campaign rally in daytona. and that is accusing romney of conveniently forgetting positions he's taken in the past. >> it's remarkable. they have no agenda for the future. no agenda for america. this is a big country with big opportunities and great challenges. and they keep on talking about smaller and smaller things. >> governor romney also accused the president of focusings on word games rathder than solving the nation's problems. he was referring
Oct 20, 2012 11:00am EDT
contact with the fbi was a result of his friendship with doug walker at berkeley high i believe. in the context of the fbi tapping the phone, can you give something of a time line as to when the fbi first made contact with aoki with regard to walker and how that worked itself out chronologically? as you probably know, in 1961 doug was called before the house un-american activities committee during the whole washing down the stairs operation. >> according to the former fbi agent bernie threadgill they have not -- this wiretap picked up -- they were fellow students at berkeley in the late 50s. the fbi approached richard aoki and asked if he would become an fbi informant and the documents released from richard aoki's informant files are consistent with them. richard aoki a city aiding with certain people in the 50s and he was approached by 1961 and these documents which the fbi tried to cover up and released only as a result of a court order turned out to have threadgill's initials. in d8bgill's initials. in the essential ways. and starting in 1961 richard aoki became active in var
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Oct 20, 2012 1:00am EDT
. byron york, cief political coespondent for the "washington examiner". doug holtz-eakin, american
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Oct 20, 2012 4:00am EDT
political correspondent for the ashiton eaminer". doug holtz-ean,merican on
Oct 20, 2012 7:00pm EDT
] >> how much time do we have? [laughter] first of all, jim mcdoug l is kind of a weird person. he has a lot of psychology abnormalities, and he is very manipulative, and, you know, when he proposed the white water deal, bill was not interested at all. hillary clinton thought was a great idea. it was basically her idea. jim is sick. susan, his wife, was an incredibly suffering person who never betrayed her confidence in and trust in the clintons. and she was treated scandalously by kenneth star who her e man kled and put her in solitary confinement. it was the horrible in which he treated her until she was able to get out of jail. james carville everybody to stand to talk about him, who is probably won an academy award. [laughter] i'm not that person. the the last? i'm sorry. that is the most trackic event one can conceive of. vitamin sent foster and west hubble and hillary clinton were best friends in the law firm. it they had lunch every day. west and vitamin sent protected her when the law firm was accusing her of taking too much time to do politics. she used to call him [inaudible]
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Oct 19, 2012 8:00pm EDT
for the "washington examiner". doug holtz-eakin,merican ac
Oct 20, 2012 9:00am PDT
who would not come work for me two terms earlier. doug foye who ran environment and economic development together, bob posen senior financial executive. so he's a real born chief executive. and that's a pretty handy qualification for president of the united states. >> it is. but is mitt romney the campaigner, then, different from mitt romney the elected official? >> i think he's fairly gentle on the campaign trail. he's certainly gentle and decent and private. he's one of the most decent guys that i've ever met. people are asking me these days, well, is mitt the moderate going to show up for work on day one if he's elected president. my answer is yes. as i say i know him very well. i've spent a lot of time with him. ridden around the back of a car with him in new hampshire. gone door-to-door in new hampshire with him. i've seen him a lot with just him and ann. and he's a fabulous guy. he's a guy who does not have any unattractive edge. >> so then is mitt the moderate held to task by the far rights of his party on socialish zblus. >> i don't know. i'm not a movement conservati
Oct 19, 2012 8:00pm EDT
: good morning, doug. >> guest: >> caller: good morning. romney seems more enthusiastic about amin the hands of the israelis. it is a war crime under geneva to attack another country without united nations vote in a chapter seven resolution. faq reminds you george bush is not adverse to travel to switzerland because i the universal jurisdiction. or we just like to see this question gets asked when the united states. i thought, bye. just to be an interesting question to hear the response. i would point out that it's not always a violation of international law to avoid or attack a country with a chapter seven resolution. there is a universal way of self-defense. so i remind the caller that if one country invades another, while that may be of the call, the country that has -- that is fighting back event in violation of anything. >> host: matthew labors labored apiece. what matters israel, looking how both candidates are eager to show their loyalty and close ties with israel. how is that plain out and do expect that to be a big topic play now? >> guest: i think that romney will try to
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)